The Northern Fridge Company

Emergency refrigerated trailers for hire?

We’ll have you back up and running before anyone can say ‘Warm prosecco’…

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you need an emergency unit, we’d recommend you keep the door shut to preserve temperature and give you the best possible chance of preserving your stock, then call us immediately


Do you need to store those extra turkeys at Christmas or Champagne for a wedding reception?

Let the Northern Fridge Company Help

As anyone involved in organising events knows, it’s not the size of your venue that keeps your guests happy, it’s the ability to keep your guests thirst quenched and their stomachs full. Keeping food and beverages both fresh and at correct temperature allows you to stay on the right side of not only your guests but the Food and Beverage laws. Here at The Northern Fridge Company, we are well aware of how important it is for caterers to preserve their stock and have it ready to serve at a moments notice. We give you peace of mind by providing modern refrigerated trailers with a superb specification, so you can cater for much larger parties than your current chiller space allows. Should you require a fridge unit that can be opened and closed without the worry of rising temperatures or a freezer unit that can run as cool as -22°C, we have the solution. Whether you run a hotel or wedding venue and require a unit to service the needs of a large party one weekend or multiple parties over several weeks; or you have an outside event coming up and want a fridge for just a day, we will take the worry of protecting your most valuable asset out of your hands.

If you would like to talk about how we could help you keep your cool, then you can speak to Ed on 07502326688 or Jack on 07816396261 You can email us at and we will show you exactly why it’s the ONLY option for events organisers who are serious about running a successful event.

About The Northern Fridge Company 

In a nutshell, The Northern Fridge Company provides mobile refrigeration trailers and freezers to the North East and the surrounding area on emergency or short-term rental.

These modern refrigerated trailers have a superb specification and can be used as a fridge or a  freezer, with temperatures as low as -22°C. Many of our customers only need a fridge unit but appreciate the increased insulation and the high-power refrigeration unit, which means smooth running in even the hottest of summers.

Add to this our personal, experienced and reliable service, and you get a great rental package, for a weekend, a week, or much longer, at a very competitive price.

We cover all aspects of delivery and set up, providing you with a fridge trailer that is set to the required temperature within an hour of arrival, powered by either the mains electricity supply or a generator, if required.

With our 15 years experience in the events industry, we understand how client satisfaction is the key factor to a smooth running operation, so we recognise that you need our services urgently… we will pull out all the stops to provide them.